Concrete Repair and Restoration

Concrete wall that surrounds a soccer field was in need of restoration.  There was spalling and scaling of the superficial surface.  These area were repaired with SikaRepair 223.  Waterproofed with a sprayed layer of SikaTop Seal 107.  Then received a decorative coat of Sikagard 701W.

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Below Grade Waterproofing at Phoebus HS

Recommended the W.R. Meadows below grade system with Mel-Roll membrane, Mel-Drain board, and NDS EZ Flow. This system provides a pro-active approach to waterproofing by redirecting the hydrostatic pressure away from the walls and sending it through the drain field.

Canopy Project at Bethel HS

Combination of ACO’s FG200 and K100S trench was installed.The FG200 was modified in the field to accommodate a lower profile installation.

Epoxy Overlay on Bridge Deck

Bridge Deck Overlay with EP-5 Modified Epoxy from Euclid Chemical

Floor Leveler for Warehouse

Leveling a floor can be easily done with a self-leveling underlayerment/wear topping. Prospec offers materials that can applied prior to flooring systems, stains, and epoxy coatings or used as a finished wear surface.

Hampton Marina Hotel Parking Garage

Sikaflex 2c NS for expansion joints. The expansion joints were allowing water to fall onto the deck beneath. Each joint was properly cleaned, primed, and sealed with the 2-component urethane with a traffic grade additive.

Jefferson Lab Crane Rail

Provided material and assisted with the installation of Five Star DP Epoxy Grout. The material had to be pumped under a rail 30″ wide with clearance of less than 1″.

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